Academic Support Services

In order to promote the student learning experience and enhance student development, all students are assigned faculty advisors based upon their declared major. Students are able to receive the individualized attention needed to launch their academic careers and remain on track to reach their respective goals.

All advisors hold regular office hours and may meet with students at other pre-arranged times. Also, all advisors may be contacted by telephone, e-mail, or through online course communication. To further bolster the College’s academic advising program, students are welcomed and encouraged to visit the Student Success Centers, which are staffed by knowledgeable counselors and advisors. Specific campus locations and office hours are listed on the Coastal Alabama Community College website. These staff members can help students obtain their educational goals through a collaborative effort. They assist students in choosing majors and planning programs of study to meet their goals. Additionally, the staff of the Student Success Centers provide expertise and advice to faculty advisors. Finally, through the use of the College website, social media sites, and other technologies, counselors and advisors communicate with all students regarding academic advising and other student services as needed.