Brewton Campus

Built in 1982, the Neal Colonial Center (BR-N) resembles the Colonial Williamsburg style and provides a captivating welcome to the Brewton Campus. This building contains administrative and instructors’ offices, biology classrooms and laboratories, and an 84-seat auditorium as well as a new Student Services Center. 

One of the original three buildings on the Brewton Campus, the Wallace Administration Building (BR-B), built in 1966, contains the nursing department including classrooms, skills laboratories, and a common area for seating.

The Science/Student Center (BR-C) contains a chemistry and physics classroom and laboratory, a general lecture room and offices.

Built in 1969, Marie M. Pate Hall (BR-D)was named for an instructor, counselor, Registrar, and Dean of Instruction for the former Jefferson Davis Community College. Ms. Pate was the first female Dean of Instruction in the State of Alabama. This building provides instructor office space and classrooms for humanities and social science classes. Adult Education services are also housed in this building. 

The Leigh Library (BR-L), built in 1966, was one of the original three buildings on campus. It was named for Mabel Leigh from whom the City of Brewton acquired part of the land on which the Brewton Campus is located. The building was renovated to its current style in 2010 and contains various book collections, current periodicals, a classroom, computer work stations, a faculty room, and several study carrels.

The Gymnasium (BR-G) has areas for basketball, volleyball, general physical fitness rooms, and newly renovated weight room.

In 1972, the Woodfin Patterson Auditorium (BR-P) was built. The 950-seat auditorium provides a community room and ample seating for College and community activities. The auditorium, with its spacious stage and lobby areas, is named after former Jefferson Davis Community College’s first president, Woodfin Patterson.

The Fine Arts Center (BR-F) contains the Thomas E. McMillan Museum (which also houses the Alabama Room), art and ceramics studios, art gallery, history and art classrooms. 

Hines Hall (BR-H), built in 1983, was name in honor of Jack and Elinor Hines. Beside the building is a small lake, Gunn Lake, named for Dr. David Gunn, a physician in Brewton. Hines Hall contains instructors’ offices and classrooms for business administration, office administration, computer science, economics, mathematics, and psychology.

The Center for Telecommunications Technology (BR-T) video conferencing equipment, computer laboratories, office and meeting spaces, and Alabama Technology Network (ATN) offices.

Lakeview, a 40-unit, student housing complex, is located on approximately 18 acres adjacent to the College Park. 

The College Park is a 60-acre recreational facility that includes baseball and softball fields, a two-mile paved walking trail, and a Frisbee golf course. 

Dining Options:  The Community Cup is located in the Student Center. Hours are Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.