Counseling and Career Information

In order to facilitate personal growth and serve as an academic support unit, the College offers a variety of services to all students by employing professional counselors who are available to assist students with educational, career, personal, and social concerns. All information and discussions in a counseling relationship are held in strictest confidence. This professional assistance includes testing services, which serve three functions: individual counseling, placement, and GED testing. Tests designed for use in individual counseling or in career-related decisions are administered at no charge and provide the student with information about individual interests, aptitude, abilities, and personal characteristics. To supplement the above services, a collection of current resource materials on careers, occupations, undergraduate programs at other colleges and universities, and graduate schools is located in the College's Student Success Centers. The counseling staff believes that students should be given an opportunity to discuss in confidence their personal/social problems. Family, financial, health and adjustment problems are some of the areas in which counselors may be able to assist. These services are provided to all students.