Credit by Career Readiness Certification

Students enrolled in an occupational program of study at Coastal Alabama Community College may receive credit for WKO107, Workplace Skills Preparation, if the student holds a valid Alabama Career Readiness Certificate at or above the WorkKeys® target level corresponding to the occupational program of study. The credit will be awarded only at the request of the student after registration in an occupational program of study at the College. The request must be made prior to the end of the first semester of enrollment in the occupation program of study. All documentation to qualify must be presented in writing to the Career Readiness Certification Coordinator and approved by the Admissions Office at Coastal Alabama Community College. More information about the WorkKeys® target levels designated for occupational programs at Coastal Alabama Community College can be found on the WorkKeys® page of the College website or by calling the Career Readiness Certificate Coordinator, Mandy Bezeredi, at 251-580-2169.