Credit from Advanced Placement Exams

The College will grant college credit to students who score 3, 4, or 5 on one or more of the Advanced Placement Program Examinations of the College Entrance Examination Board, not to exceed 20 hours credit. To be eligible, the student must take the examination prior to enrollment in college and must be enrolled at the College when credit is awarded. The College will accept up to a maximum of 20 semester hours of credit from all non-traditional sources.

AP Course and Exam Credits Equivalent Courses

Art History 3 ART100

Art Studio 3 ART113

Biology 8 BIO101, 102

Calculus AB 4 MTH125

Calculus BC 4 MTH125

Chemistry 4 CHM104

Computer Science A 3 CIS150

English Language/ Composition

Score of 3 3 ENG101

English Language/ Composition

Score of 4 or 5 6 ENG101, 102

English Literature/Composition

Score of 3 3 ENG101

English Literature/Composition

Score of 4 or 5 6 ENG101, 102

European History 6 HIS101, 102

Government and Politics

(United States) 3 POL211

History (United States) 6 HIS201, 202

Human Geography 3 GEO100

Macroeconomics 3 ECO231

Microeconomics 3 ECO232

Music Theory 3 MUS111

Music Listening & Literature 3 MUS101

Physics B 8 PHY201, 202

The student should be aware that acceptance of a score of three (3) does not assure that another postsecondary institution will award advanced credit for the course. Therefore, the student should confer with the Registrar for procedural practices related to that discipline. Advanced Placement scores must be received from the College Board after the student applies for admission but prior to the beginning of the term in which the student wishes the credit to be applied. It is the student’s responsibility to request forwarding of an official score report by the College Board to the appropriate Student Development Office.