The following terms used in the Code of Student Conduct should be interpreted according the following definitions.

  1. The terms “College,” “the College,” refer to Coastal Alabama Community College.
  2. The term “student” refers to any person officially enrolled at Coastal Alabama Community College, whether he or she is classified as a “degree- or diploma-seeking” student or a “non-degree” student. All persons, whether full-time or part-time, are considered “students.”
  3. The term “faculty member” refers to any person employed by the College to conduct classroom activities.
  4. The term “member or citizen of the College community” refers to any student, faculty member, staff member, trustee, official, or any person otherwise employed by, or associated with, the College.
  5. The term “College official” refers to any person serving in an administrative or professional capacity as an employee of the College.
  6. The term “College property” includes all land and facilities that are in the possession of, owned, used or controlled by the College.
  7. The term “organization” refers to groups who have obtained status as a registered campus organization with the Office of Student Services of the College.
  8. The term “Hearing Officer” refers to the person designated by the College President to determine whether a student has violated the Code of Student Conduct.