Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit and Early Release for High School Students

Coastal Alabama Community College provides instructional opportunities to eligible high school students through Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit for High School Students which allows eligible high school students to enroll in college classes concurrently with high school classes and to receive high school and college credit where appropriate. Early Release (where offered) allows eligible students who have met the required prerequisites to leave their high school campus to attend college classes at any of the Coastal Alabama Community College campuses. Students who qualify must take one college course (3 credits) that will transfer back to the high school as one (1) credit. Coastal Alabama Community College will have individual contracts with each separate public school system in its service area. Students pay tuition, fees, and costs of books/materials.


Students interested in taking college courses through Dual Enrollment/Early Release, if a contract is available, must meet the following criteria for each term in which they wish to participate:

  • Completed the 9th grade
  • Have at least a 2.5 GPA
  • Have written verification and recommendation from the Principal or Principal Designee
  • ACT score for participating seniors
  • Have met placement guidelines for English and math courses

The terms and conditions of Dual Enrollment are subject to change without notice according to changes in secondary and postsecondary standards.