Faculty Oversight

At Coastal Alabama Community College, distance education has been integrated into many different

programs as additional modes of instructional delivery to assist in accomplishing the College’s current goals, objectives, and planning and evaluation processes. An integral part of the planning and approval process for distance education at Coastal Alabama is the Distance Education Policies and Course Review Committee. This committee is composed of faculty members from a variety of academic and technical divisions and staff members from a variety of academic and student support departments throughout the college. The charge of the committee is to review distance education policies and procedures as well as distance education courses. Courses are reviewed based on a criteria rubric prior to the courses being offered in a distance education format.

Proposed distance learning (hybrid, video conferencing, or online) courses are approved in accordance with the steps listed below:

    1. Distance Education Course Request Form – An internal request for a course to be offered in a distance education format must be submitted to the requestor’s Division Chairperson. The agreement for request must be approved by applicable Division Chairs. The requesting Division Chairperson submits the official Distance Education Course Request Form to the Distance Education Department.
    2. Master Template Creation – The proposed course is checked for distance education program of study percentage to determine the impact of each course on a program of study’s overall distance education percentage. A Master Template is created in the LMS for the Curriculum Team (relevant full-time and part-time faculty and instructional design staff). Based on program of study percentage, the course request could be referred for approval to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Research. The Curriculum Team begins building a course template based on the criteria specified in the rubric and course creation checklist.
    3. Course Review Process
      1. Review and approval of the completely developed electronic course must be completed by the Distance Education Policies and Course Review Committee using the Quality Matters rubric and scoring process.
      2. The Curriculum Team and applicable Division Chairs will receive a copy of the committee’s feedback and approval, recommendations prior to approval, or denial. The Curriculum Team is responsible for making any necessary changes or corrections to the Master Template.
      3. Documentation of course approvals are submitted to the Instructional Affairs Committee for notification.