Federal Work-Study Program

By filing the FAFSA form, students can be considered for the Federal Work-Study Program (FWS). The FWS program provides jobs for students who have financial need and who indicate on their FAFSA that they are interested in employment. The number of hours a student may work is determined by the student’s need for financial aid. A student may earn no less than minimum wage. Students are paid monthly via student payroll.

Jobs include on-campus work in the cafeteria, library, administrative offices, residence halls, labs, gymnasium, facilities and grounds maintenance department, and off-campus with a public or private nonprofit agency, such as the public school system. In arranging a job and determining how many hours a week a student may work under this program, the Financial Aid Director or his designee will take into account: (1) need for financial assistance, (2) class schedule, (3) health, and (4) academic progress.

Federal Work-Study job assignments are made according to the date students complete their file and receive a Federal Work Study award. The student’s job preference and skills are given first consideration; however, other factors may determine final job placement. Students who indicate no skills or job preference are placed in areas needing the largest number of student workers. Those students who fail to complete their files prior to orientation are considered late and are placed in the areas with remaining jobs.

Not all students who want jobs or are eligible can be placed. FWS is also limited due to the amount granted by the federal government. The necessary forms for signing up for federal work study are located on the forms tab on Financial Aid link at the College website. Those students who apply early by filing the FAFSA will be considered first.