For Students Receiving Financial Aid

Students receiving assistance from one or more student financial aid (SFA) programs (other than work-study) during a semester when they are due a refund under the Coastal Alabama refund policy must return part of the refund to the financial aid program(s) involved. The refund repayment procedure is as follows:

A withdrawal occurs when a student officially withdraws, drops or, takes an approved leave of absence, is expelled, or otherwise fails to complete the program on or after the first day.

The withdrawal date is:

  1. official withdrawal—the date the student notifies of withdrawal or the date of withdrawal specified by the student;
  2. drop out—the last recorded date of class attendance;
  3. Internet course—the date of the last assignment submitted by the student.

The withdrawal date must be determined within 30 days after the end of the earlier of:

  1. the period of enrollment for which the student has been charged;
  2. the academic year; or,
  3. the educational program.

Title IV recipients who withdraw from the College or stop attending class(es) before completing 60% of the semester will owe a refund to the College and Title IV programs based upon actual last day of documented class attendance.

The Last Date of Attendance—For Title IV purposes, a grade of “F” will be assigned to any student who does not satisfactorily complete the requirements of a course or who voluntarily discontinues class attendance and does not follow the official withdrawal procedure.