Leadership Organizations / Activities

Ambassadors The Ambassador Organization is a student leadership organization comprised of three chapters, Eagles, Sun Chiefs, and Warhawks, who are responsible for duties in their respective geographical areas of the College, yet serve the College and its communities as needed. The Ambassadors serve as hosts and hostesses for campus tours, organizations, and social functions and act as liaisons for public relations between the College and Community. This organization works in harmony with the Student Government Association, the Office of Recruitment, the President of Coastal Alabama Community College, as well as College faculty and staff. 

Student Government Association (All campuses)
The Student Government Association (SGA) is organized to provide a large measure of self-government. The Student Government operates under a constitution drawn up by students. The the development and implementation of programs and projects for the improvement of campus life and services rests with the Student Government Association. This body is the students’ official voice in affairs of the College. They are urged to understand its purposes, to use their votes wisely, and to seek to become an effective part of the College. The Association is specifically authorized and governed by a duly ratified constitution. The constitution describes fully the limit and scope of SGA responsibilities and procedures. Students should become familiar with the constitution. The SGA consists of three units that work together for stated purposes. First, there is an executive branch, elected during the spring semester of the year prior to service. The executive cabinet consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and President-appointed positions. As in all such organizations their primary responsibility is to conduct the business of the organization. The second branch is the legislative, which has as its primary responsibility the development of goals, projects, and programs for the SGA. It also exists to examine all items that come before the body from other organizations. This branch contains campus senators. The third branch, judicial, is appointed by the total group to rule upon all constitutional matters. Finally, the success of this organization depends upon the dedication and cooperation of all members.

Inter-Club Council (Bay Minette, Fairhope, Gulf Shores, and Monroeville) The Inter-Club Council consists of presidents of various clubs and organizations on campus. They meet on a monthly basis to discuss and plan club activities. The Student Government President presides as President of the Inter-Club Council.

National Society of Leadership and Success (Fairhope) The NSLS is the nation's largest leadership honor society. Students are selected by their college for membership based on leadership potential. Students must have a 2.5 GPA and be enrolled at the Fairhope Campus. Candidacy is a nationally recognized achievement of honorable distinction.

Resident Assistants (Bay Minette and Brewton) Resident Assistants are chosen in the spring semester to serve as peer helpers in the resident halls for the following academic year. Applications can be found on the College website at the beginning of spring semester. 

Resident Hall Association (RHA) (Bay Minette, Brewton) The Residence Hall Association is dedicated to promotion of campus life and resident life concerns.