Library and Learning Resources

The Coastal Alabama Community College Library Services division provides an array of services to meet the educational needs of all students at the College. Libraries and learning resources centers provide appropriate study facilities, access to trained staff capable of assisting with research, and serve as campus centers for continued learning and engagement. The Libraries provide access to books from across the College's library system, as well as magazines, periodicals, and reference resources to meet the course needs of any subject taught at the College. Distance education students may request that books and other physical materials be emailed or mailed to their homes so that all collections are available to all students. Desktop and laptop computers are accessible in each location, as well as WiFi, copiers, and meeting areas. All locations provide flexible hours of operation to meet the needs of each campus. To further meet the needs of all students, the libraries have established contractual services with community libraries. The Coastal Alabama Community College Libraries provide extensive online collections to meet the information needs of distance education students. All students have access to the Alabama Virtual Library (a service provided by the state of Alabama to all citizens and students in Alabama) as well as specialized databases provided by the College to meet the specific needs of each discipline. Students have 24/7 access to the online library collections via a Library Services course within the learning management system, which provides links to all databases as well as library instruction guides.