Library and Learning Resources

The College’s Libraries and Learning Resources Centers provide an array of services to students, including a place to study, prepare assignments, and locate research and leisure reading materials in comfortable, well suited facilities and surroundings. Users find books, magazines, periodicals, and reference resources. Audiovisual equipment, along with computers with Internet access, databases, copiers, individual and group meeting areas, and flexible hours of operation are some of the services offered at the Libraries and Learning Resources Centers. In addition to established contractual services with community libraries, the Libraries and Learning Resources Centers provide access to the online Alabama Virtual Library as well as specialized databases to enhance a full array of services as rendered by the Centers.

The Coastal Alabama Community College Libraries provide access to library collections, information, and resources to students and faculty on campus as well as off-campus. The Libraries have links to the online catalogs and the Alabama Virtual Library on the Coastal Alabama webpage. Additionally, there is a Library Services course in Canvas that allows students and faculty to access databases and resources from any location with an Internet connection.

The Alabama Virtual Library provides all students, instructors, and citizens of the State of Alabama with Internet access to essential library and information resources. This service is free for state residents and those attending school at any Alabama public college or university. Alabama Virtual Library cards are also available for students whose IP address is not registered in the State of Alabama.