Practical Nursing (CER-LPN)

Program Location:  Atmore and Thomasville Campuses

Nursing and Allied Health Division

Length: Three Semesters


The Practical Nursing Program prepares individuals to assist in providing general nursing care under the direction of a registered nurse, physician or dentist. This program includes instruction in taking patient vital signs, applying sterile dressings, patient health education, and assistance with examinations and treatment. 

The program is designed to prepare students to practice as a competent Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) after passing the licensure exam.  

  1. Unconditional admission to the College and active student in good standing (minimum, cumulative 2.0 GPA).  
  2. Submit original transcripts from all colleges/schools attended and high school transcript to the Registrar or Admissions Office by application deadline.  
  3. Submit a completed Nursing Program Application by the stated deadline.  
  4. Hold a minimum GPA of 2.5 for the academic core courses in the program or cumulative 2.5 GPA if a high school student without prior college coursework.  
  5. Be eligible for ENG 101, MTH 116, and BIO 201.  
  6. Meet essential eligibility criteria.

Completion of the above requirements does not guarantee admission into the program.  Prospective students are rank ordered using a point system to determine acceptance into the program. 


Students are selected based on the following point system:                                  

  1. Score on ACT (no minimum composite score required).
  2. Three points are awarded for an A, two for a B, and one for a C in ENG 101, MTH 116 or higher-level math, BIO 201, and BIO 202.     
  3. One point each is awarded for completion of PSY 210, SPH 106 or 107, BIO 220, and a Humanities course with a C or higher (BIO 220 and a Humanities elective are not required for the PN Certificate). 
  4. Three points may be awarded if the student is currently certified in a health occupation that requires direct contact with patients, such as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Certified Medical Assistant, Licensed Basic or Advanced EMT, Certified Dental Assistant, Certified Veterinary Technician, Certified Phlebotomist, or Certified Surgical Technologist. Proof (copy of the certificate of completion) must be submitted with the application in order to receive extra points. Alternatively, applicants who have completed a chemistry or higher-level math (such as MTH 110, 112, or 265) with a grade of C or higher may be awarded 3 extra points. Applicants may receive up to 3 extra points total for this section. Example: Applicants will NOT receive 3 points for a higher-level math and 3 points for being a CNA.  
  5. Three points are awarded for completion of all six general education courses required in the Practical Nursing Program with a C or higher.  

Once selected for the program, students are required to provide the following: Drug screen, background check, physical exam showing ability to meet essential eligibility criteria, records of immunizations, proof of medical insurance, and American Heart Association BLS CPR certification for the healthcare provider.  Clinical agencies reserve the right to deny clinical clearance, which may deem a student ineligible for program participation.  

A nursing testing fee will be assessed each semester. A nursing lab fee will be assessed for select courses. 

Note: Students desiring to obtain BLS CPR certification at Coastal may choose to enroll in the optional EMS 100 course. American Heart Association BLS CPR may be obtained through an alternate training agency, if preferred.  


It is highly recommended that students complete general education courses required for the Nursing Program prior to program admission.  All nursing courses must be completed with a minimum of 75 (C) in order to progress in the program. A PN Certificate will be awarded to students who successfully complete all required core academic and nursing courses with a grade of  C or higher. Students are responsible for meeting all progression and graduation requirements.  

Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to take the licensure exam to become an LPN. Licensure by the Boards of Nursing may be denied if an applicant has been convicted of a criminal offense, has abused drugs or alcohol, has a history of chemical dependency or mental illness, has been placed on the federal abuse registry, or has been administratively discharged from the armed services. 

This is a career program designed for students to go directly into the labor market upon completion. Although some of the courses in this program will transfer to four-year institutions, this program is not designed to be a transfer program of study; therefore, it is not subject to the terms and conditions of Alabama Transfers state transfer and articulation reporting system.  


The following is information regarding application to a Nursing Apprenticeship: 

  1. Must be an active, current student of Coastal Alabama Community College’s Nursing Program. 
  2. Submit a Coastal Alabama Community College Nursing Apprenticeship application during appropriate application periods. At this time, students currently enrolled in NUR 112 and NUR 209 are eligible for an apprenticeship opportunity.  
  3. Student applications for an apprenticeship opportunity are given to participating healthcare facilities. 
  4. Participating healthcare facilities select and hire apprentices, based on the number of open positions they have available. Current employees may be selected for the apprenticeship. All apprentices sign an apprenticeship agreement.  
  5. Student apprentices must commit to working for on the job learning at the healthcare facility for the entirety of the Nursing Program. Included in working days are clinical days students are performing for nursing program clinical requirements. 
  6. Student apprentices must apply to the Alabama Board of Nursing for an apprentice permit. 
  7. Student apprentices may not be paid for on-campus classes, labs, or simulation. Student apprentices are paid for clinical hours, not to include simulation. 
  8. Student apprentices will work one on one with a registered nurse from the healthcare facility. Students will be held accountable to the same clinical requirements as non-apprentice students in the program. 

For more information, please contact the Nursing Clinical/Apprenticeship Coordinator: 251-990-0435. 

Equal Employment Opportunity Pledge: The sponsor (Coastal Alabama Community College) will not discriminate against apprenticeship applicants or apprentices based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, genetic information, or because they are an individual with a disability or a person 40 years old or older.  

The sponsor (Coastal Alabama Community College) will take affirmative action to provide equal opportunity in apprenticeship and will operate the apprenticeship program as required under Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, part 30.  

Right to Equal Opportunity: It is against the law for a sponsor of an apprenticeship program registered for Federal purposes to discriminate against an apprenticeship applicant or apprentice based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, age (40 years or older), genetic information, or disability. The sponsor must ensure equal opportunity with regard to all terms, conditions, and privileges associated with apprenticeship. 

If you think that you have been subjected to discrimination, you may file a complaint within 300 days from the date of the alleged discrimination or failure to follow the equal opportunity standards with: 

Director, Division of Standards and Quality
Attn: Apprenticeship EEO Complaints  
US Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship 
200 Constitution Avenue NW  
Washington, D.C. 20210 

You may also be able to file complaints directly with the EEOC, or State fair employment practices agency. If those offices have jurisdiction over the sponsor/employer, their contact information is listed below: 

Alabama Office of Apprenticeship  
One Technology Court 
Montgomery, Alabama 36116 

Coastal Alabama Community College EEOC/Nondiscrimination Policy 


The Associate Degree and Practical Nursing programs of Coastal Alabama Community College are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) and approved by the Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN).  

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Atlanta, GA 30326  

RSA Plaza, Suite 250 
770 Washington Ave. 
Montgomery, AL 36104 

Coastal Alabama Community College's Simulation Program has been awarded full accreditation by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) in the areas of Teaching/Education. This status has been granted from November 10, 2023, through December 31, 2028. The mission of the Simulation Program at Coastal Alabama Community College is to prepare all learners to be competent in providing safe patient care within the global community.  

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Semester One

MTH 116, or more advanced Math, and BIO 201, Anatomy and Physiology I, are required if not already completed with a C or higher.  

EMS 100 is an optional course for students to pursue CPR certification for the healthcare provider.  

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Sub-Total Credits

Semester Two

ENG 101, PSY 210, and BIO 202 are required if not already completed with a C or higher.  

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Sub-Total Credits

Complete Graduation Application

Complete the graduation application for the Practical Nursing (PN) Certificate.  

Semester Three

SPH 106 or 107 is required if not already completed with a C or higher.  

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Total credits: