Veterinary Technology (AAS-VET)

Program Location:  Bay Minette Campus (Hybrid)

Nursing and Allied Health Division

Length: Five Semesters


The Veterinary Technology program prepares individuals for a career in veterinary medicine, under the supervision and direction of licensed veterinarians and/or licensed veterinary technicians. It includes didactic and hands-on practical instruction in essential skills for the veterinary technology/veterinary nursing profession as set forth by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Association of Veterinary State Boards, regulated by the Alabama Practice Act and/or other regulatory bodies. The program encompasses points of instruction including but not limited to pharmacy and pharmacology; animal care and nursing; surgical nursing; dentistry; laboratory procedures; diagnostic imaging; anesthesia; pain management and analgesia; communication and veterinary professional support services; office and hospital procedures; client relations and communication; state standards and regulations and covers various animal species. 

This program is designed to provide students the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to enter the Veterinary Technology services occupation as employees of veterinary offices and clinics. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to apply for the licensure exam as administered by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards and the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. 

This program is offered as hybrid-online; students must come to campus at designated dates and attend weekly clinicals at an approved veterinary facility in Alabama. Students who do not have previous veterinary experience must complete clinical hours in an approved clinical site in Mobile or Baldwin County. 


Admission into the core Veterinary Technology portion of the program is for Fall or Spring Semester of each year. Students must submit a separate Veterinary Technology online application for consideration. For Fall Semester: application is due August 1. For Spring Semester: application is due November 15. To be eligible, applicants must: 

  1. Have unconditional admission to the College and be an active student in good standing (minimum, cumulative 2.0 GPA). 
  2. Submit original transcripts from all colleges/schools attended (including high school) to the registrar or admissions office by the application deadline.
  3. Submit a completed Veterinary Technology application by the stated deadline. 
  4. For Fall Semester entry into VET 112: students must be eligible for ENG 101 and MTH 100. A grade of “C” or higher in ENG 101, MTH 100 or higher, BIO 103, and VET 112 is required for program progression.  
  5. For Spring Semester entry: students must have completed, or be in the process of completing, the following core academic courses with a grade of C or higher by the application deadline: ENG 101, MTH 100, and BIO 103.                    
  6. Must be 18 years of age by the beginning of the fall semester in the program. 
  7. Meet the essential eligibility criteria or technical standards required for Veterinary Technology.

While not all core academic courses listed below are required prior to acceptance, it is strongly suggested they are completed prior to program admission to improve student success. Completion of the courses and the above criteria does not guarantee admission into the program. There is a class size limit of 24 students. Prospective students are selected for program admission using a points system in which applicants are rank-ordered using the metrics below: 

  1. 30 points for an A, 20 points for a B, and 10 points for a C in ENG 101, MTH 100, and BIO 103.
  2. 10 points for a GPA of 3.1-4.0, 5 points for a GPA of 2.1-3.0, 0 points for GPA of 2.0 or less (not eligible for admission). 
  3. Five points for an advanced Math, or five points for completion of all required core academic courses with a C or higher prior to admission semester (ENG 101, BIO 103, MTH 100 or more advanced, SPH 107, Humanities Elective, Social Science Elective) or five points for completion of BIO 201 and BIO 202 with a C or higher. 
  4. Five points for veterinary experience. 

Upon acceptance into the core Veterinary Technology portion of the program, students are required to provide the following: Drug screen, background check, physical exam documenting the ability to meet essential functions/eligibility criteria, record of immunizations, and proof of medical insurance. Accepted students will receive a link to the online compliance platform, CastleBranch, to upload these items.  

Clinical agencies reserve the right to deny clinical clearance, which may deem a student ineligible for program participation.  

Veterinary Technology testing/lab fees may be assessed for select courses.  

The Veterinary Technology program is a hybrid online program. Students should be familiar with the technical requirements for Coastal Alabama distance education. 


All Veterinary Technology courses must be passed with a minimum of “C” in order to progress in the program. An AAS in Veterinary Technology will be awarded to students who successfully complete all core academic and core Veterinary Technology courses with a grade of “C” or higher. Students are responsible for meeting all progression and graduation requirements. After completion of the program, graduates will be eligible to apply with the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) to sit for the Veterinary Technology National Exam (VTNE). Application requirements/eligibility may vary based on state licensing agency. 

This is a career program designed for students to go directly into the labor market upon completion. Although some of the courses in this program will transfer to four-year institutions, this program is not designed to be a transfer program of study; therefore, it is not subject to the terms and conditions of Alabama Transfers state transfer and articulation reporting system.  


The Veterinary Technology Program at Coastal Alabama Community College is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (CVTEA). 

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Semester One (Fall)

There are two pathways of entry for the Veterinary Technology program. Students with limited or no veterinary experience are encouraged to submit an early application (due August 1st) and, if accepted, register for VET 112 in the Fall Semester along with core academic courses. Students with previous veterinary experience may choose to apply for Spring Semester entry and take VET 112 during the second semester with other core Veterinary Technology courses.

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Semester Two (Spring)

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Social Science/History Elective (3 SH)  +
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Complete Graduation Application

Complete the graduation application and begin the process of a review of your degree plan before your final semester. 

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