Other Fees

  • Room and Board - Fees for room and board (available on the Bay Minette and Brewton Campuses) is listed in the Housing Contract for the semester requested. A $100.00 Non-Refundable Housing Application fee is collected at the time of application. See the website for further housing information.
  • Non-Residential Meal Plan - 10 meals for $58.75
  • Textbook Fees - $24.00
  • Graduation Fee - $25.00 (Cap and Gown not included)
  • ID Replacement Fee - $25.00 (housing) 
  • Placement Challenge Test Fee - $25.00
  • Parking Decal Fee - $20.00 (Please visit http://www.coastalalabama.edu/safety/). 
  • Housing students could face additional fees in the case of damage to College and private individuals property and for violation of Housing policies and procedures.  For a full list of the possible fees and all of Housing's policies and procedures please review the Housing Handbook at http://www.coastalalabama.edu/housing/resident_forms/.

  • Returned Check Fee - All returned checks received for services will be treated as nonpayment for tuition and fees, immediate cancellation of class schedule; for dormitory and/or meals, immediate cancellation of and access removal to those services. After returned check, students will be given 10 days from date of written notification to present cash or credit card to regain class schedule and/or access to services. Coastal Alabama will no longer accept personal checks from the student. Returned checks received for all other goods and services will be treated like any other bad debt. The current Board of Trustees approved returned check fee will be applied to the student's account. The student will be billed until the end of the semester in which the check was returned and any outstanding charges will be remitted to the current collection company, at which time the student becomes liable for the amount of bad debt and all collection cost associated with the collection of the debt.

NOTICE: Students who owe the College any type of fee, such as a tuition and/or fees, the fees described above, or a parking/traffic violation fine or a library fine, etc., will be prohibited from enrolling in subsequent semesters at the College. The College will not release official College credits, transcripts, or diplomas until all delinquent balances are paid in full.