Placement Testing for Students

All entering students are assessed through a 3-level screening guideline process.

  • Level 1: ACT Placement: all students who have taken the ACT within the last 5 years must make sure their scores are on file with the Admissions Office (251-580-2111).
  • Level 2: High School GPA and course of study if (a) students did not take the ACT test, (b) students’ scores are over 5 years old, or (c) students’ scores do not meet guidelines. The students must make sure that the Admissions Office has their official high school transcript. Level 2 screening is based upon high school GPA and course of study.
  • Level 3: Accuplacer Screening: if students do not meet placement requirements pursuant to the new guidelines for Level 1 and Level 2 screenings, then they will need to schedule a date to take the ACCUPLACER test. There is no charge for the first time students take the ACCUPLACER test. However, there is a $25 re-test fee afterwards. Students may schedule a re-test date any time after 6 weeks following their original test. However, students are limited to take the test only twice during their tenure at Coastal Alabama. All placement test results are valid for five years from the original or re-test date.

Placement Level 1: ACT Placement Chart

20+ in MTH See Math Placement Guidelines Chart
19 in MTH
19 in ENG
MTH 100 or MTH 110 with 109LS or MTH 112 with MTH 111LS
ENG 101
18 in MTH
18 in ENG
MTH 100 or MTH 110 with 109LS or MTH 112 with MTH 111LS
ENG 101
17 in MTH
17 in ENG
MTH 100 and MTH 099
ENG 101 and ENG 099

(Below 17 in MTH or ENG Move to the high school GPA and MTH/ENG Marker Chart for placement Level 2. NOTE: Composite ACT score MAY NOT be used for placement in math and English courses. Scores cannot be older than 5 years.)

Placement Level 3: Accuplacer Placement

(This level is only used when a student did not clear Level 1 and Level 2).

Elementary Algebra (Accuplacer)
20-49 MTH 098
50-59 MTH 100 and MTH 099
60-79 MTH 100
80-120 MTH 110 or MTH 112
Writing Placement (Accuplacer)
0-3 ENR 098
4 ENG 101 and ENG 099
5 ENG 101