Professional Judgements

The US Department of Education allows for financial aid administrators to exercise their professional judgement to review and adjust information reported on the FAFSA at the student and/or parents’ request. At Coastal Alabama Community College, these requests are reviewed by the Director or Assistant Director of Financial Aid. There are two basic types of professional judgements each are outlined below.

Significant Change in Household Income

If the student and/or parent has had a significant change in household income due to extenuating circumstances, such as job loss, illness, etc. the student can request a professional judgement. If the student is selected for verification that process must be complete before the professional judgement will be considered. Once verification is complete, additional information may be necessary to complete the professional judgement. Students with a zero EFC will not be considered for a professional judgement.

Dependency Status Review

Students who are unable to provide parental information on the FAFSA may request a review of their dependency status. The form for this request is on the website with specific instructions. A parent refusing to provide their information, is not sufficient for a dependency review. Students must provide letters and additional information to be eligible for a dependency review.

Students in legal guardianship, whose parents are deceased, and/or are in foster care or otherwise wards of the court or homeless, should not request a dependency status review. These students must provide specific documentation of their status. Students can see what specific documentation is necessary by signing into the OneACCS student portal