The primary purpose of the Financial Aid Office is to help alleviate the stressors associated with paying for school, and to provide financial resources to students who would otherwise be unable to pursue post-secondary education. The Financial Aid Office will use the resources of the federal, state, and local governments, as well as private individuals and businesses to pursue this mission.

The Financial Aid Office at Coastal Alabama Community College is committed to providing a high level of service and support to students. Staff strives to allow students to achieve their educational goals through the removal of financial barriers.

Coastal Alabama Community College participates in federal and state financial aid programs to provide students with financial access to post-secondary education. Each external financial aid program has specific administrative and management requirements that necessitate the development of institutional policies and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, to facilitate consistency of treatment among classes of students, and to enhance the timely and efficient delivery of aid to students. This policy supports the philosophy of financial aid delivery and will not, in any case, supersede or be contrary to federal regulations, state law, and/or local policies governing the financial aid programs.

The Financial Aid Office adheres to the mission, vision and values adopted by Coastal Alabama Community College while striving to be a student-centered department which consistently endeavors to improve the level of service provided to Coastal Alabama Community College’s diverse student population. The Financial Aid Office also ensures that established principles, policies, and procedures are observed during the administration of all student aid programs at Coastal Alabama Community College.