Refund for Alabama National Guard and Reservists Called to Active Duty

Students who are active members of the Alabama National Guard or reservists or who are active duty military who are called to active duty in the time of national crisis shall receive a full tuition refund at the time of withdrawal, if such student is unable to complete the semester/term due to active duty orders or assignment to another location.

NOTICE:In some cases, you may be given a refund if you drop a class that meets on an irregular basis–for example, if you drop a class that meets only one day during the semester. For more information, contact the Business Office. For calculating refunds, a week is defined as seven (7) calendar days. The first official day of class is indicated on the College Calendar as the day that classes begin. This day may not be the first day on which all classes begin. All refunds are issued by check and mailed at the end of the fourth week of class.