Technology Services Network Access Policy

The Coastal Alabama Community College Network Access Policy governs electronic communication conducted through the Coastal Alabama Community College’s structured and wireless computing and telephone services, including local area, wide area and interconnected networks, owned host systems, personal computers, laptops, printers, software, communication devices, and network resources.

Residence halls and individual instructional areas may have additional policy requirements.

Coastal Alabama Community College strives to provide high-speed access to the Internet, email, and network services for its students, faculty, staff, and community partners. Its usage is intended for individuals legitimately affiliated with Coastal Alabama Community College to facilitate the exchange of information consistent with the academic, educational, and research purposes of the institution.

The College’s network/Internet provides students with a quality learning environment by promoting a flexible delivery method of instruction, innovative technology, and state-of-the-art concepts in instruction. It also contributes to a growth-oriented learning environment for employees by promoting faculty and staff professional development opportunities. Through efficient management of the College’s network/Internet resources and facilities, Coastal Alabama Community College serves as a learning partner for its community and regional stakeholders. In addition, the college’s technology infrastructure and resources support the college’s administrative and operational processes, thereby strengthening its outreach, programs, and services.

Policy Oversight:This policy shall be governed by the policies of Coastal Alabama Community College and the laws of the state of Alabama. The Campus Network Policy is created and amended under the authority of the Technology Committee. All Technology Committee documents are submitted to and subject for review by the Executive Committee. Failure to enforce any provision of this agreement shall not constitute or be construed as a waiver of such provision or of the right to enforce such provision.

Condition of Use: Access to the Coastal Alabama Community College Network System shall be provided on an as-is basis with no guarantee of quality or availability. Network access is dependent on the availability of network bandwidth and related equipment. Instructional classes are given priority in the usage of equipment, bandwidth, and all other technology resources. As a condition of access to the network/Internet resources, employees are assigned a User ID and password by the Technology Services Department. Employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including discharge in accordance with institutional and state policies. Students who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action as stated in the Student Handbook section of college catalog. Community members who violate this policy while utilizing open campus computers and/or Wi-Fi are subject to being banned from using the college’s equipment and Internet access.

Administrative Privilege: All network access using Coastal Alabama Community College time, equipment and/or resources will be administered by and coordinated through the Technology Services Department. Coastal Alabama Community College reserves the right to monitor, collect and store all electronic activity conducted on the Coastal Alabama College Network without consent or notification. Use of the Coastal Alabama Community College network or computer resources constitutes acceptance of such monitoring. The Technology Services Department reserves the right to access any user’s account, electronic files, or transmissions for administrative purposes including archiving, system maintenance and repair, or as directed by the college president, designee, or employee’s supervisor. The Technology Services Department also reserves the right to suspend use of an account in the event the employee’s password has been compromised, the employee is in violation of this network access policy, or as directed by the college president, designee, or employee’s supervisor.