Verification Process

The US Department of Education randomly selects students every year for verification. Through this process, Coastal Alabama Community College verifies and confirms the information reported on the FAFSA is correct. Occasionally, information must be changed/updated by the college. The verification process is required and ensures that financial aid eligibility is accurate. Students should monitor their Coastal student email and student portal daily.

Verification Notification

Students are notified by the Department of Education via their Student Aid Report (SAR). In addition, students will receive email notifications from the Financial Aid Office. Students can also view all financial aid verification requirements via the OneACCS student portal.

Verification differs from student to student and the specific requirements will be posted in the student’s OneACCS student portal. Forms will have active links to documents that need submitting. Occasionally, the Financial Aid Office needs additional documentation. Verification requirements are always accessible via the OneACCS student portal. Students may also contact the Financial Aid Office at 251-580-2151 or email at

The verification process is not optional. If a student who is selected does not submit the required documentation, the student will not be eligible to receive federal financial aid from the College.

Once all verification documents have been received, the Financial Aid Office will compare the information on the documents to the information on the FAFSA. If the information matches, no corrections are necessary and the student’s aid will be processed and viewable in the OneACCS student portal. If the information does not match, the Financial Aid Office will make corrections to the FAFSA. These corrections typically take 3 to 5 business days to process through the Department of Education. Once the corrected information is processed, the financial aid offer will be viewable in the OneACCS student portal. The student will receive an email, letting them know to check the portal.