Students may withdraw from class or the College any time prior to the start of final exams during any semester or term. To withdraw from a class, students must login to their OneACCS account and withdraw. To withdraw from all classes, students must complete the online withdrawal form located on the Registrar page of the College website. 

Students who complete the withdrawal process prior to the deadline will be assigned a grade of “W”. However, a grade of “F” will be assigned to students who fail to satisfactorily complete the requirements of a course or who voluntarily discontinue class attendance and fail to follow the College’s official withdrawal procedure.

Students who are called to active service duty during a semester and who will not be able to continue in their enrolled classes should complete a withdrawal form by the published deadline prior to leave, if possible, and provide a copy of orders to the Registrar’s Office as well as the Office of Veterans’ Affairs/Financial Aid. Active service members who withdraw are allowed to reenroll without penalty. If there is a lapse in attendance for more than one semester the student may need to update their application to the College.